Dusty Speaks

Dusty speaks.So does her cat, Nixie–on command. But I digress. Are you looking for a fun and knowledgeable speaker for your store grand opening or next annual meeting? Dusty Rainbolt can enlighten and entertain at any number of events about (but not limited to):\r\n\r\nGetting Your Cat to Think Inside the Litter Box


Contact Dusty Rainbolt when you\’re ready to book a speaker for your next cat show, writers workshop, animal-related sales staff training meeting, product development session, convention, pet expo, science fiction convention, book signing or other special event. For corporate or general inquiries<<form>>.

Dusty appears regularly at writers’ conferences, science fiction conventions, cat shows, cat conferences, pet expos, paranormal events. Are you interested in adding a new dimension to your event? Invite Dusty Rainbolt to educate and entertain your attendees. For more information <a href=\”ghoster@pobox.com\”>email</a>


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