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Looking Through the Cat’s Eyes Feline Behavior

You’re freaking out and the cat simply looks at you, blinks and says, “What’s your problem?” Kitties and people speak two completely different languages. There are some behaviors that we humans consider appalling and unacceptable that are a natural part of being a cat? Does that mean you need to let your cat destroy the house or attack your ankles. Of course not.


Dusty Rainbolt, ACCBC, aka The Cat Wrangler or The Litter Box Queen, can help you erase the battle lines and set up a truce. Dusty does on site consultations (which is usually the best way to resolve complex behavior issues) in the north Texas area within driving distance of Lewisville, TX. For in person behavior consultations, Dusty charges $75 an hour plus mileage. There is a one hour minimum. In person consultations give her an opportunity to observe situations the owner might not think to bring up during a phone consult. She’ll be able to watch interaction and conditions that might be contributing to the problem. She will give a verbal assessment and provide information on behavior modification techniques and products for the client’s particular situation, and a written report via email will also

be provided. A 30-minute phone follow up is included.

Dusty also provides phone consultations for $35 an hour (payable via PayPal). After the consultation, Dusty will provide the email report and two 10-minute phone mini-consults.

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  1. Hello Dusty,

    I currently live in NC and am in the process of moving to VA. I live in a house with 4 indoor cats and 7 outdoor/feral cats. I have one indoor cat who sprays windows and doors and really everything at this point, I am fairly certain because of the ferals. She started doing this around 2 years of age. Another indoor cat will pee in the box but will not poop in the box. He is a cat with neurological issues, no peripheral vision and feral as well. He came from a shopping center, they wanted him removed because he pooped on their decks and in their stores. And I have yet another cat that will refuse to use a litter box to the point where he gets bladder spasms from holding. I walk him on a leash so that he will go. However, he will use a box when I travel with him and he is the only cat. I am desperate, in this move, to not have cats pee
    Ing all around the new house. I am going to have to tear up flooring, baseboards, and probably subfloor in an effort to make my old house livable. I am using the Purrfect Fence to make a feral cat compound at the new house, out of any sight range of the house cats. That is as far as I’ve gotten. I would like a phone consult to discuss anything that might alleviate the current situation at the old house. The first cat is now having bouts of idiopathic cystitis as well. And what I can do differently at the new house so that everyone is happier and using their boxes. While I wait to hear from you, I am reading your books. Thank you, Edith Camp

  2. Hi Dusty,
    I was having Email complications. I am still very much interested in having a phone consultation.
    Thank you !
    Edith Camp

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